"It is my weekend habit. This swedish bakery has baked goods my grandmother used to make. They call them a different name but the flavor is the same and I feel like I'm eating the same Nissua my grandmother ( Finnish ) made..."     This review and more... >>

"Princess Cake"

"This cake is phe-no-men-al. The balance between the cake and the jam and the cream and the marzipan is a beautiful harmony. Just get this cake, and eat all of it."


"Fragrant, yeasty, redolent of hearth and home — nothing crowns the meal like fresh rolls and just-made breads in the Thanksgiving bread basket.But with all that cooking to do, who wants to start baking bread? This year, we prefer to leave it to the professionals..."     (read more)

"Most delicious bread is here..."

"I've been visiting this place for 4 years now and the quality is always the greatest!

P.S. If you are in love with German style bread, this bakery is the first place to visit. The location is only minutes away from the downtown LA."


Ingrid Madeiros of San Juan Capistrano recommends Emil Swiss Pastries in Los Angeles, Berolina Bakery in Glendale and Gelson's in Newport Beach....

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"I love this place!"

Behind the Food

Originally from Sweden, Anders says his primary motivation for moving here was the weather. “I was working at a McDonald’s and then got offered a position as a bakery apprentice,” he says....

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#6 - Berolina Bakery!!!

Golden-hued, lussekatter, or Lucia buns, are a staple of the Swedish holiday season. Redolent with saffron and just a touch sweet, these soft, bready rolls are delicious with tea.        (read more)

"The best bakery in town!"

"Hands down the BEST Princess cake..."

"...I've ever had!! A must try!! It is so light and airy but yet so, so satisfying. The green marzipan fondant that is used to cover over the cake is delicious!  I haven't had the opportunity to try anything else but will definitely go back soon!"




Phone: 818.249.6506

Fax: 818.249.7976


3421 Ocean View Blvd,

Glendale, CA 91208


Tuesday to Friday - 7:00am - 6:00pm

Saturday: 7am to 5.30pm

Closed on Sundays and Mondays